You know you need to move on when…

A list of reasons for me to change jobs…

  1. I can build this list while waiting for the Archive site to load a new file
  2. I spend more time waiting for a database than using it
  3. My work tasks are so routine I am yawning when I know I’m not tired or overheating but just plain bored with what I’m doing
  4. When there hasn’t been any career development for me since October 2014 and it is now 2017
  5. When challenges are no longer a challenge and have become routine as well
  6. When I wake up excited at 4am to send a Thank You note for an interview
  7. When I change managers for the 9th time in just under 9 years
  8. When I have finally caught up the backlog of archives and it is now a routine maintenance thing
  9. When I spend more time reading articles on changing jobs or about becoming a business analyst than working since I’m stuck waiting for systems to load

Don’t get me wrong, I still kinda like this job and specifically the team now but I am bored out of my mind and seeking things to do to engage myself! I’m also waiting for IT support so I can continue with a pet project that needs to be working by the end of the week or at least moderately functional.

So now that I know I want out and have my reasons as to why I need to keep looking for the where to go to portion since I know my target job. Patience and looking for just the right company and just the right opportunity that will provide the necessary challenges and solve the required issues I have with life for now.

Meanwhile I finish the pile of archiving that includes stuff from before I started with SDS that was unearthed from a hoard of files when a manager left last month. It does feel good to get this stuff entered and ready to get out of here. I only have about 6 files to go right now which is nice since when I’m done another box leaves my office.

I suppose I should build an equal list of what I like about this job….

  1. I have the time to do side projects like this for my own satisfaction
  2. I am no longer micro-managed
  3. I control what I do and in what order I do it in as long as everything is done
  4. I can create my own procedures so that things are logical and smooth flowing based on how I work

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