Who am I?

I’m a mom. I’m a partner. I’m a geek, not a nerd there is a diffference. I’m a lady. I’m a helper. I’m an enabler usually of good things. I listen to others but rarely open up completely myself. I’m motivated to do things yet, I’m a horrible procrastinator to finish something hence, I have a lot of UFOs.

I’m an employee. I’m just the clerk yet to everyone around me I’m so much more. I know its true I’m more than a clerk too…its a joke to me. I’m a goofball. If I’m not laughing or making someone smile then those who know me know something is wrong.

I’m a commuter. I sit on a bus for two hours a day when I could be driving my Mustang but I enjoy the down time.

I’m a writer. I love creative writing. I adore technical writing. I can be considered an author even with books and magazine articles published.

I’m many things but most of all I’m ME! I’m unique in my skills, abilities, interests and experiences.