Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

Where do I want to be 5 years from now? I have a number of things that pop up in answer to that. First is not where I am right now. That is a given though since I will be long done healing from neck and rotator cuff surgeries. I also know I will have one grown child and another nearly out of high school by that point. I plan to be in a far better career where I’ll be challenged and happy not to mention making enough to afford my dream car, a tesla1Tesla Model S although a D is fine too as long as it’s a Tesla!
At that point I also plan to do some traveling to see family or just as vacations away from daily life.
Regarding a career, five years from now I hope to be telecommuting and also running my own setup of businesses or possibly just hobby sites. My current sites are all hobbies that I want to see grow like my children.
I may or may not still be in Alaska or even in my current house. If I’ve chosen to sell and move I have no clue where I’d be or where in the world I’d be. All I require is my beloved sweetheart and cat are with me. If the kids have stuck around that is a bonus since one will be an adult and possibly in college.

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