Where do I want to go?

Where do I want to go and what do I want to do?

I’ve achieved a lot of things in the last several years. Everything from moving several times to college graduation. The one area I’m still struggling with is a job vs a career. I had a job as a computer instructor at a basic level. I had a job in career development. I enjoyed them most of the time.

I have a job as a clerk. I have times I enjoy it and others i really don’t, but its just a j-o-b not a career. I cant see myself in 5-10 years still working there either.

So my question of the decade is what do I truly want to do? Well I know that the abstract requirements are to do what I do well and enjoy, but what is that? What makes my heart sing and makes me dance out of bed to go do it day in and day out. Most importantly will said career actually pay the bills?

I have a vague idea of the ideal career. It involves helping people solve a problem, a business problem most likely or plan real changes in the company. Working with local small businesses doing projects that could make a difference in peoples lives. Breaking into this kind of work requires being available during most business hours which are the hours I currently have a job during.

I also love to teach, to show people how to do what they need to actively know to do their jobs. I love the question can ____________ program do __________? The answer is generally yes and heres how to do it!

I wonder if I should write a book on everything you have always wanted to know about ___________ but didn’t know who to ask.


Does anyone have other suggestions or ideas?