What’s on my mind?

Far, far too much is on my mind right now. I really dislike job hunting to start, applications are annoying, I’m struggling with my own keywords for positions I’d like to go for, knowing what the next level of job should be for me. I enjoy what I do and where I work and especially my team, now but it has turned into a dead end job. I need to move on and find more challenges in life professionally.

I recently took a Advanced SharePoint for Site Owners class and really look forward to digging into building the unit’s site. I’m looking forward to finally getting started on the Habilitation Project that I designed and worked on with management and IT. So far though, I have not had the time to dig into the project full time. Just so much going on.

Monday will be interesting with the official start of the new Regulations and ensuring everything meets the new standards. I see a LOT of meetings going on in the future. I see my boss posting the non-perm Office Assistant II hopefully soon so we can hire and get moving on training before I find something. Yes, I also see myself moving into something better but I don’t know when or where. I know this is a year of change for me, personally and professionally.

The rejection in May was a serious blow to my self-esteem and has made me bitter and angry. I really need to move past it and one of my best ways is writing it all out. Talking hasn’t helped. EVERYONE I meet and talk to says what HR did is a load of BS and unfortunately the Union will do absolutely NOTHING to resolve it as they’ve fought it before and just stonewalled me. My choices are find something better or wait for a reclass. I’ve done the reclass route before and am not sure I really care to sit around waiting again for it.

So, I’m on the hunt. Job hunting and helping others find jobs was a fun challenge. Seeing others become ecstatic when they got a job was amazing but no, I do not want to career coach again, at least not the group that I was working with. I’m tired of resumes even if I can format them in my sleep. I can write resumes for others but I despise writing my own and rewriting and all that goes into cover letters. To do my own resume and cover letter is mentally draining. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe because I want the ‘perfect’ combo and write and rewrite because I never see it as just right for the job I’m applying for. In my experience, that is the right attitude and yes, I have the aptitude to do the work but the takeoff for the altitude in life is about as good as an albatross’ landing skills!

I’m going to go try out some different designs for my resume and see if I like them any better. Then I’m going to re-add some skills I’d forgotten I had from some old jobs in my teens and 20’s to my portfolio and maybe re-write the LinkedIn profile and a couple others too… we’ll see.

I might also just go stitch up a new dress to wear to boost my self confidence too! The creative side of me has been on the loose this last month with 2 new dresses (one in silk!!) and a blouse…. I haven’t sewn for myself this much since before I had kids!

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