What would $X per month more do for you?

Down payment on a vacation I’ve needed since I was 21, pay bills, paint the house, the shed, finish the bathroom, a landscaping project for the back yard and a greenhouse so I can garden in the snow! Not to mention car registration, doctor bills, dentist bill, web host moving, site registrations and full wardrobes of clothing to fit both kids and myself! OK so that’s several months at $X each to spare….I can dream, or I can make it a reality!

So what should I be doing? What will I actually be happy doing? Today it was building UML diagrams. Other days it’s dreaming up solutions to problems. Today I saw one of my dreams become a reality and another in process one move forward significantly!  There are times Excel spreadsheet data is my focus and delight. On some days it’s creating something on Zazzle or CafePress. Sometimes it’s just going out and taking photos or hiking or gardening or even sewing. Once in a while it’s drawing or designing. Yet, other days it’s just collecting inspiration photos or goofing off on FaceBook or Pinterest.

So with all that what services to others can I offer that will bring in $X per month? Offer service ideas in the comments please!

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