What would I be doing if I knew I could not fail (and had the resources needed)

What would I be doing right now? I think I’d be home relaxed at my computer working on websites.  I’d love to square away all my sites the way I envision them.  My doll patterns neatly displayed with working buy links, affiliate programs going madly on others, writing about all the topics I love on each of them. I’d be making a huge mess with all my fabrics sewing for myself, the kids and my dolls.  Creatively engineering designs and developing ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for years.

My main stumbling block is fear. I can not survive day to day without the day job and it sucks up the vast majority of my time. I’m up at 5:15 and don’t stop until I get home at 6pm or sometimes 7 or later if I have to go shopping. Who has energy to get it all done? So there my hopes and dreams sit on a To Do list waiting for those bursts of energy and the elusive thing called time. If I knew for fact I had resources sitting in the bank that would pay for everything for the next year or even two years I’d quit today and really pursue it all but alas I don’t have that kind of income that will let me.

Someday may never come and thus all I can do right now is take a deep breath and baby step my way to my big goals.