What are your business goals for 2013?

This was asked on FaceBook and my answer was:

  1. To write on all 4 business sites for a total of 365 posts between all the sites and add affiliate or other types of monetization to each post and each previous post.
  2. To accept additional freelance administrative office work from home to help other businesses move towards their goals and relieve stresses they might have in expanding.
  3. To have fun and enjoy what I do everyday!
  4. My last side goal is to double or triple my day job income so I can quit commuting and be truly self-sufficient!

Can I do it in 1 year? The first one is a definite YES! I am going to shoot for 365 total posts between Books, Music & More, Sue’s Tiny Costumes, Alaska Office Specialists and Coffee Institute. How will I get it done… write, write and write some more!

The second one is specific to just Alaska Office Specialists and is very broad but I know I can narrow it more, the big question is what are the sub-goals or baby steps to achieve it? First I think it’s a website overhaul and a defining of the services I am willing to offer. I know I enjoy writing, data analysis, resumes, technical writing and process development along with my favorite which is template creation. So I think I can start there and define more goals after that is developed fully.

The last two completely tie into the first two and are completely dependent on the execution of them. I enjoy writing and am just going to get busy doing it! The rest will follow!

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