Unique Abilities – Talent + Passion

Unique Abilities – Talent + Passion

  1. Creativity: Sewing, writing, crafts, computers.
  2. Reading: fiction & nonfiction for reference – history, science, computers, business, self improvement.
  3. Inspire: make others laugh or make their lives easier or both or to solve a long term problem that has bothered myself or someone else.
  4. Bushido: learn new skills (but frequently give up on new skills I want to learn unless there is outside encouragement).
  5. Passion: sharing what I know or what I have learned or figured out.
  6. Energize: seeing “the dawn break” in the eyes of another person when they “get it” brings great energy and delight.

Unique Ability Activity Inventory

  1. Read to learn new ideas.
  2. Write and organize summaries of ideas for life and business.
  3. Create new ideas to solve problems or expand visions of possibilities.
  4. Inspire people through teaching others.
  5. Encourage people to set goals and improve their lives.
  6. Think of ideas that are unique ways to solve a problem.
  7. Spend strategy time alone to think and plan.

Ten Best Habits – What are your best habits that you do automatically to produce your best results?

  1. I am honest with myself and others.
  2. I always try to see things from various angles.
  3. I always try to find and read information to help solve problems.
  4. I always try to find the positive and optimistic approach to a situation. (I can be a little too “Pollyanna”.)
  5. I always try to think creatively to challenge others to think out of the box.
  6. I always try to break down a problem to the list of detailed parts.
  7. I always try to motivate people to do something new and exciting.
  8. I always try new things to see what will work for me.
  9. I always try to trust others until proven wrong and even then still trust more.
  10. I always try to trust my instincts and not over think a project.

I am working through a unique job interviewing process a series of emails talking about the company and digging deep into my motivations to see if I really fit within the company structure and culture. I am finding the information provided and the exercises very interesting and thought provoking. I truly wish more companies did a system like this asking the deep questions instead of the “tell me about yourself” generic questions that are really not useful in an interview. I do have to admit the ten best habits listed above could be very easy fodder for that question and a couple others that are generally thrown around in a “normal” interview.

I’d like to see if any of my friends or family has any commentary for me based on this? I’m fairly sure I missed a lot about myself that is so natural to me I no longer notice it. Based on what you know of me what are my Unique Talents and Passions?

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