This is fun

I’m working on various things having to do with my blogs and learning what different plugins can do to promote items on my various sites. I love basic text links from Amazon for within posts and then a list of related reading type items at the bottom of the posts…. I’m still tweaking settings on all of the blogs just so that I get a better balance of content vs ads. One of my pet peeves is a site that has ads that do nothing more than jump off the page and distract from the author’s content!

I’ve also discovered that I can specify just one item instead of a random list under the posts for the related items as seen on my latest post for Coffee Institute. I’m starting to get the hang of various features of monetizing the blogs but I have a long way to go.

This morning I updated my 5 main sites so that they have mostly the same plugins and I have the option to do my affiliate links on each one in whatever ways I want on individual posts. For now I’m sticking with Amazon just because I’ve been with the program for a very long time…. not seriously active until recently but a long history.

My musing for today is wondering how I might also use the Google Affiliate program… but I get the feeling that is farther down the road for me. Does anyone know anything good or bad about the Google Affiliate program?