The year of the knowledge upgrades

Back to basics….am starting to do a scratch website on a subdomain to learn the very simple basics of HTML and CSS once more…. I am woefully behind in knowledge having spent my time the last few years in WP.
On the bright side the sites will all stay the same I’m playing on an “I don’t care” site… I actually setup several things today… a drupal, oCPortal, Joomla and a chat in addition to a Moodle and a forms subsite. 2013 is all about skills upgrade time. I’m contemplating going after my A+ cert or upgrading my Office certs too. I think the progress for each learning project will be the topic of each site with the forms and chat landing on my Goals site.

Just getting started and peeking at the admin sections of each new CMS. These do far more than I likely need but I see so much potential that at some point I may have to migrate just because I will have so much more I can do. the oCPortal for example is already telling me that I need to upgrade, has started me out with a tool tip based tutorial and in exploring the menus I see many things that I am fighting with WP to do! It has a built in “store”, chat, forums, code editing, security, error logs, menus, content management, calendar, blog, client management, author management… the list goes on and it’s ALL already there…. I’m going to to play and see if I can put up a page!

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