The File Puller….

A couple years ago I was working with some over sized files shuffling them around so I could make space for more files. During this process I picked one up, yes, two handed except one hand slipped and my other was injured. Needless to say the file landed on the floor and co-workers came running at the racket! DRAT! I had injured my right hand, and yes, I’m right handed. Off I went on a series of doctor visits and physical therapy. It took 6 weeks until I could come close to using the hand semi-normally again and to this day I’ve had it twinge painfully.

It was because of this workplace injury that I decided I needed something, anything, that could help me move files around without causing injury to my hands! Finally, after playing with a cloth version held together with a binder clip, I have decided to submit the more formal idea to in hopes that they can help me get my invention to market and potentially help reduce file related injuries to the clerical staff’s hands!

Take a peek and offer your additional ideas and opinions so that maybe I can see this product become a reality in the workplace! Please if you comment here then comment and vote for it over at Quirky too!