The beauty of a nasty wind & rain storm with power out or “playing hooky from work”

So, today, more specifically this morning was a very horrible wind storm. 60 mph gusts with winds sustaining at 30 mph and no power. The decision, brave the roads in the wind, rain and extra dark darkness or just hide out at home and relax for a day.

Perhaps I should back up a little. At work this month I’ve had a DVR participant who got a job and left me with no one doing the archives. OK cool but I wasn’t getting much more than general stuff done and had trained her on some of the other things I do. I usually do that with my program participants since it’s a work experience program. It is just part of who I am and how I run. No biggie. Add in having to interview and hire (as part of a team of my direct supervisor and I) a full time, non-perm OA II. OK Interviews go well, she’s hired and mid month starts. So I’m back to training someone new and not getting my stuff done.

Then it’s “edit these forms the way you were working on back in August and Oh yeah, we want them by COB Monday” (on Friday afternoon!) Thankfully that little project got postponed as Monday was unrealistic! So those are edited and off to Juneau as part of Round 2 of regulations aka modifications to what we did or “ut oh we forgot a ton of crap!”.

In the middle of that was a Legislative File Audit which went supremely well. Pulled all 25 files with none missing! A miracle considering the last 2 audits had half and a quarter of the files missing!

Top it off with a rejected re-class attempt and the boss dropping the re-write on me… then again who knows what I do better than ME! I got that finally completed today which I am seriously proud of….we’ll see how that flys though!

I guess all that isn’t so bad but over the course of a month it adds up and today was just a good excuse to play hooky! I got 6 pairs of pants and 2 hoodies done with the minor exception of some hand work that is left. I updated all my sites to the latest version of WP along with themes and plugins, added a gallery of Miniature Pattern Designs to my doll site which has been seriously neglected. Now I’m working on this site a little. I might pop over to another site shortly too and post some stuff there as well.

I think this proves to me that I do not want to work from home unless I have a definite list of tasks I must have done each day. I’m honestly bored right now! I have over 400 things on my task list several of which are large projects so I’m slowly ticking things off the list and enjoying it! Back to getting things done!

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