Testing the new keyboard for the tablet

So can I type any better with this toy keyboard than with the on  screen one? It is definitely more finger friendly and possibly easier to correct my typing issues as I fat finger the words to the screen. The numbers and symbols are more intuitive it is easier to navigate. If only the new tablet also had a standard usb port on it but I can always get a converter and besides since its smaller it will actually fit this case better. It is definitely fat finger keyboard but more responsive than the on screen one!
I can now actually look forward to using the tabletsto blog and write once more! Hahaha a stylus is definitey useless with this tablet but thats ok I didn’t want to be stuck using one anyway. My only issue so far is the space bar isnt as responsive and using backspace causes the tablet to freeze up slightly.

I’m 3 days slow on my writing for the year because I read Stephen’s latest book while on the bus. I’ll catch up pretty quick with a new app that lets me write and send to WordPress easily. I’m on my second of five catch up posts and were stuck in slow traffic, I’ll get more done.
Technically the gtabdos not fit this case / keyboard but thats ok since the new tablet is smaller and faster. I can live with this for now and edit stuff later.
Time to decide on topics for catch up and future release!

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