Tasks you can do on a tablet offline other than games

The ViewSonic G tablet is a wireless net connection device only and thus must have offline entertainment options. For me I have 2 hours a day to use a like the idea of being productive in some way during that time. Well not always productive but at least semi-often I like to do something other than games or books. So here is a list of various ideas for things to do while stuck Jonathan bus with a tablet but no net!

1. Read e-books

2.  Find an office suite and write I like OfficeSuite and will be purchasing a full version shortly. Not only can you write but there’s also a spreadsheet and a presentation program both of which are basic but will get a skeleton of a project going.

3. Play games chess, Tetris and a few others are out there

4.  Mind map- this can be a great tool for when inspiration hits and you just need a series of simple but related notes about a topic.

5. Listen to music – load up some tunes, plug in some earphones and just jam!

6. Movies- some tablets have some really good video & processing power and with the use of SD cards you can convert and play TV shows or movies downloaded via your PC and transferred to the tablet. You can then keep up with your favorite series or watch training videos if you like.

7. Audio books- an awesome way to listen to books or other training materials and gives you the options of taking notes or even playing games at the same time!

There are likely more things I’ve yet to discover that can be done on my tablet but that’s for another post!