Target practice

So for now the target of the year is 365 posts of which I am on my way to. My next goal is to have none of my sites be stuck with a long list of unfinished drafts. For the no drafts rule to work I have to just keep writing when the mood strikes and hit post as often as possible. Scheduling posts fails miserably for some odd reason and so when I get in a writey mood then I just keep going with it. Today was getting some stray items created on Zazzle and CafePress and as those are created I try to post them as well hence it was a busy day for me.

The start of the day was punctuated by phone calls and a whimper as my beloved Zebra aka my Mustang was towed to the repair shop to get it’s clutch fixed. I have several repair mechanics scratching their head about WHY I’d need a clutch when the car is VERY low mileage…. I’ve put a whopping 10,000 miles on it in almost 2 years bringing it’s total to 31k. Every place I’ve read about clutches and every one I’ve talked to has the same cocked head puzzled look as to WHY something is wrong this early on. I guess I’ll find out hopefully tomorrow how long I am car-less and how much it’ll cost me to fix it.

I will take a moment to plug the wonderful service of Geico’s Roadside Assist people AND Both were fantastically wonderful with answers and prompt service!

Here’s to a lot of writing in 2013!

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