Tablet Resources for Apps

So I’m on an app hunt looking for alternatives to the Android Market which really doesn’t have much for tablets or at least not according to my tablet. I’d love to try some things I’ve seen on Android Market when I was browsing on the PC but can’t get my google account to let me add a simple cell number for SMS. Dumb account! So off I’ve gone on a hunt for other sites that will let me simply download the .apk files that run apps on the tablet. So far I’ve found:

Both sites have great free apps… yup I’m having fun downloading entertainment for my tablet. Additionally I ran into a mind mapping app which I’m going to be trying out this coming week as an option for mapping out projects for the house!

Does any one else have good links for apps for an Android based tablet?

Off to setup the bathroom for showers this morning… more on that in a little bit!