Tablet musings…

The whole reason well art of the reason for getting the tablet was to spend my bus time writing more,.here it is Friday and finally after tweaking it all week and learning its quirks I’ve found a word equivalent to work with and am writing as we go down the road.

I’m using office suite for android tablets and I have to say I really like it. A simple interface and a bare bones system for menu driven tasks. I’m happy! I have cut & paste and save features. I can read and write MS word docs plus Excel and PowerPoint which is a delight to me. So now the task of the day is to finally sit and write.

Just like my friends Stephen and Cricket, I’ve been going through writers block in addition to a perceived lack of time and energy to do said writing. So I’m just going to jump in and start writing.

Goal accomplished is finding and buying the view sonic g tablet thanks to George. This tablet is a beast with the ability to customize it with multiple ROMs allowing for a multi- boot capability. Its taken all week to get used to the new interface and the on screen touch keyboard is still a bit funky for me forcing me back to one finger typing.

Next goal was the office suite which I’m loving. I also have a great to do list manager once more that I’m using on my never ending to do list of doom. I had a palm tungsten e PDA several years ago that was my alternate brain tracking all my tasks and appointments along with shopping lists and more. I loved that thing utility it finally died. The g tablet is its larger more powerful cousin.

I guess I’m done with his post ill start on a couple more sincerity need to hit 20 by the end of the month!