Speed bumps of life

©2014 Sue Darby
©2014 Sue Darby

Life is not a smooth road no matter how well you plan it or what you do. No, life has a lot of potholes and bumps and curves as well as forks in the road. The journey is worth every minute of it unless you start to forget to enjoy the journey. There will always be something on your road of life that will remind you to slow down and enjoy what is around you.

I have goals but life has walls and twists and turns for me. So when those plot twists of life show up I have to remember to go with the flow.

Take this summer for example,  I haven’t taken a summer vacation since the summer of 1993 which was technically my last childhood summer with no jobs or other adult obligations. A pure summer of nothing but fun, sun and sewing completely care free.

I was lamenting that fact several months ago wishing for some time off to just relax. Be careful what you wish for the universe has a way of twisting what you’d like to do into something else it seems to me. I have spent from about Mother’s Day up until now either in bed or on the recliner of the couch in major pain. Thankfully I’m now on the path for healing and the worst is over but it was a lesson in listening to my body, taking care of myself and lessons in asking for help with everything from walking to grocery shopping to gardening.

I don’t ask for help with everything like this very often and honestly it’s probably one of my biggest weaknesses and yet a strength as I will help others even if I’m not doing well myself but more on that in a sec.

I’m lucky that I have so many people around me who are willing to drop everything and help as much as possible. I had surgery on my neck on Wednesday this week and by Friday was having breathing issues and landed in the ER! My mother in law was willing to drop everything on her day off and come take me in which I sincerely appreciate as it was her insight and sharp nurse eyes that spotted the actual cause of my problems!

While I was there it was a semi-busy night from what I could gather from the doctors and nurses around me. Next to me was an elderly lady who had suffered either a stroke or a seizure and was from what I could guess very disoriented. At one point she was calling out for someone to come help as the nurses had forgotten to give her a call button. I was fumbling for my own  when the nurse did hear her but had spotted me getting ready to push my button. She asked if I needed anything and then realized I was about to call for them to come help my neighbor. The nurse was touched, fixed my neighbor’s issue and thanked me for the effort of wanting to help someone else.
I’ve run into a number of good nurses and doctors this week, a couple with the surgery, recovery, after care people and also the ones who were there last night in the ER.

It’s the little things in life that make you take a glance at what is going on with yourself and decide to try to help others anyway.

I will never know how that elderly lady fared but I think it’ll be fine for her too. My issue was simply reworking the dressing on my incision and I was off and away with better breathing and a lot less pain already. So while recovery isn’t smooth as silk like it was with my knee this is a major surgery and I fully expect some lumps and bumps and twists in my road to recovery.

I’m also likely to take to writing more as it is alleviating my boredom. There are only so many hours in a day that you can nap, narcotic induced sleep or not! In fact this is kinda fun to have nothing to do but write. I just need to focus it… or not depending on my road ahead.

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