So many things and so many thoughts

I truly have had far too much going on lately. From surgery this summer to more surgery coming up this winter. I am hunting for a better job while working towards building my own business once more. I am looking forward to my first doll in 3 years and my first DSLR ever. I hurt most of the time but there are days where it isn’t as bad thankfully. Just a lot happening. I’m not driving much because of the rotator cuff and wasn’t driving much because of the neck so I have been missing the freedom of the road all summer and fall.

I’m starting to focus on programming languages again as that is one of my talents and loves from childhood and is my next likely career choice. I am tired of being a clerk with geek tendencies. I may have a better job title than clerk but really I still do copies, scanning and file assembly and so I am ready to just move life forward as the current job has nowhere else for me to go. I have had a writing side job since the middle of summer and as that is finally coming to an end I have developed a habit of writing each day and plan to just keep going. At some point I will write another book for dolls or maybe on something else. Who knows it could also be a video instead or a screencast. I know I have more to offer the world and plan to find my best hidden talent and passion and put it to work for me in service to someone else.

I’m waiting patiently for the mail next week as there are a number of packages on their way. One contains a new doll, my first in about 3 years. Come to think of it I haven’t been doing much sewing or crafting in the last several years because I was hurting and the hope is that as I heal up I will want to go back to the dozens of projects I have already started and need to finish or at least decide if I will ever finish them or get rid of them or repurpose the supplies.

The next package I’m waiting for contains a new (to me) DSLR. I had a photography class 20 year ago and loved it just as much as my parents loved their classes (yup they met in photography and have college degrees in it so it’s in the blood I think!) I was lucky enough to learn to take black and white photos and develop and make my own prints before digital cameras. The downside of that is that my color photos rarely got developed as it was expensive because I am a shutterbug. The upside of having a DSLR is that I can be a HUGE shutterbug and learn to edit photos too. I already love cameras (taking photos not being in them!) and I love computers and graphics software (Corel but wish I had PhotoShop!). So perhaps it is time to just learn GIMP as my Corel is OLD!

So I can hardly wait to get going with the camera, the doll and programming! Anyone have any clues what kind of career that might make for me? LOL


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