Running in circles

tn_SAM_1272Why is it I feel like nothing got done this week and yet there is evidence to the contrary? I feel like I spent most of my days running in circles, answering the phone and not doing anything constructive towards my goals of finding closer to home work. Yet despite it all I have things to review and appointments made and errands run even without my having done the driving in some cases.

I did not get any of my continuing education videos watched though, or even any major number of job applications done and yet I know I did several this week and have more than a few saved waiting their turn to have resume and cover letter tweaked.

I think this all stems from the fact I feel like I spent most of the week chatting with up to 5 people at once and answering the phone every few minutes including a couple really long conversations. So in reality I got a lot done during the week just nothing is showing up yet… kind of like planting seeds and waiting for seedlings to grow. This week was about seeds the next couple weeks are all about the baby plants!

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