Project Tracking – Achieving the Goals

So, with a huge list of over 100 items TODO, how do I figure out what to work on? What do I use to track it all? I have used several things over the years to tackle large lists. Everything from spreadsheets to a PDA but my current tracker of choice is Task Manager for Android, specifically my tablet.

You may also wonder why I keep a mega list like this. I do it so I know I won’t forget something that needs to be done. In fact my grocery lists are usually included. Normally my list is broken into categories and then priorities but Task Manager doesn’t like to export that way which is fine since I don’t generally export the list often. Right now I’ll focus on this week’s tasks which are primarily bills, work and web writing based.

Web writing I do in the mornings during the bus ride but I also have to make time to upload what I write along with corrections and revisions. Thankfully I have found that I can make the time in the evenings to transfer files and on weekends to revise and upload. I’m impatient though, and like to see my work online instantly so I tend to cluster post instead of scheduling each one for a different day. At least I’m writing and posting.

Work tasks start the instant I walk into the building and escaping is sometimes hard since I do enjoy most of what I do and especially who I work with. I have files and papers that sneak up out of dark holes and pile up and controlling that is a challenge. The nice thing is I can walk into my boss’ or supervisors offices and see the exact same mess! The goal here is to clear the work pile each week by Friday giving me a lower stress Monday. I love when I do it too….so do the bosses. 🙂

As for bills, it’s a matter of checking my bank balances and ensuring all the bills go through on time and watching for stray fees or missed bills. I had one this week that was a missed update to the expiration date for my debit card….ooops. It was quickly remedied via phone and follow-up email thankfully.