New Journey

On December 1, 2017 I finally turned in my 2 weeks notice. There have been a number of things that led to it over the last several years including bad managers, supervisors, brownout and full repeated burn out.

The upside is I am not going to be dealing with the new database system that triggers not just anxiety but full out panic attacks which has been a new issue for me. Since quitting (I’m mid-way through the 2 weeks notice as I write) my anxiety and panic have nearly disappeared! Sadly I’m seeing it manifest in the rest of the team as it hits home how the new system will impact them and know for a fact several are looking or in the process of moving on like I am.

Yes, I am grateful I had a job that paid most of my bills but I’m even happier, moving out of the situational depression I also fought with for a long while and denied, that I am soon to be unemployed and free to choose what to do next. To be frank, I am petrified of unemployment and a lack of resources but also know I have skills to sell.

There’s the problem for me right now, I have skills to sell but the HUGE question is how to FIND my market to sell said skills TO? I’ve joined networking groups on FaceBook, LinkedIn and am going to be looking for more on Twitter after the “day job” is officially over. I also joined a local Telehealth & Telemedicine group in hopes of networking my way into projects and jobs that way.

Will it work? Can I make this full out leap of faith? Where do I start? I have websites showcasing what I do. I have examples of work. I have people lined up to give references in the event of a new job offer.

I however, want to move into project work not necessarily another day job. The big downside with that is no medical, dental or vision benefits. The pay is unreliable until I have projects lined up and scheduled. When do I start looking for help? What point is my stop loss so that I do not lose the house? When do I look at selling items to keep it or look at selling the house and moving out of state?

So many points to think about and so much to do in the event of one or more things going wrong. Then I start to think back on recent books I’ve read. What’s the worst that could happen? What can I do to prevent or lessen that impact? (Thanks Carnegie!) I guess I need to fall back on some project management skills and do a risk analysis.

I know I’m not going to stay with the job that is over and done with so all I can do it move forward into 2018 and take things as they hit me.

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