Musings… will it work?

I’m wondering if an idea for a site conversion will work. I’d better backup first and explain more. I have one remaining hand coded website that I no longer want as a hand coded site. Its grown and shrunk over the years and even in its smaller form its a ton of work to maintain. Thus to cutback on maintenance time I want it to beyond a WordPress site. WP has the advantage of being database driven and thus easier o control and track the 100 or so it seems I sell. It also has great plugins for the e-commerce end of things for carts and such. Frankly it makes sense to me to have a one time setup and concentrate on other businesses or new products or marketing!

So back to my musings and idea… can I leave the site as is up since its in the search engines and one baby step at a time page by page replace it with WP posts named the same thing and replace the old pages with redirects as I go?

Ok example:

Miniature historic ladies patterns is the category page and will likely get 6 items on it with buy buttons likely posted on a Monday as a scheduled post. Each of those items will then get their own post with more information, photos, buy buttons etc but each scheduled to post Tuesday thru Sunday. As each post goes up at the end of the week I replace the current pages with their redirects to the WP posts.

Does that sound like a reasonable way to convert the site?