Milk is just as expensive as gas in Alaska so when I find it on clearance I buy in bulk and especially in winter as I can leave it in the trunk to freeze… problem with that is this year every other week it’s been above freezing! Last week I bought 5 gallons on sale for .99 cents each which total is about the same price as 2 gallons! SCORE! Or so I thought…. I put it all in the trunk and it was fine for a day or two.. then Saturday morning I noticed the roof dripping out the back window…. race to the computer… CRAP it was 41 outside in February in Alaska!!! Grab the milk out of the trunk, rearrange the fridge as it’d already all defrosted and we proceeded to drink a LOT of milk for the next couple days….and a lot of cocoa and anything else we could think of that is milk based. Right now we’re experimenting with a gallon to make more yogurt in the crock pot!  If that turns out well the last of the milk will last another 2 weeks if it isn’t eaten first!

Luckily there is only a gallon left and strangely enough it’s still good past its sell by date! So even if I loose the last gallon I still got 4 gallons for the price of 2!

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