Long week WHEW!

Ok it’s been a long week but productive… 18 packets screened…. that’s a lot since it was between 2+ hour meetings, front desk duty, volunteers asking questions about projects, bosses with projects and a general revolving door that is my office. I also conquered creating form letters with TONS of drop downs and fill in fields to make my co-worker’s lives easier. I’m seeing a lot of the things I wanted to do 3 years ago finally start to happen and I knew back then that if we took the time to build the tools it’d make a HUGE difference in how things flowed. My latest is to take one type of packet I do screenings on and pass certain ones off that need “special help” for a more detailed “you goofed up list” that I can send to the agencies.
On other fronts I’ve survived several trips to Lowes and our local hardware store Spenard Builders to get pieces and parts for projects for the house. I even fixed my own toilet! This weekend I’m likely to put up the clothes line just to try to save a few bucks in laundry costs. I get to look forward to not just one but two long and very long weekends where I’ll be redoing the bathroom too. I guess it’s now the busy season for me since between projects I have to plant the garden too!
Last thing, I promise… I have a Viewsonic G Tablet on order and can hardly wait to get it so I can root it and start doing some serious writing once more!