Please forgive me, for tonight I cannot see well. A year and a half ago, after a day of relaxing reading my eyes decided that they hated me and would not function well. Several doctors later and no answers I won’t ever catch MS which I think is a good thing but really I needed to know what was going on with my sight. I have 3 pairs of glasses none of which helps consistently. Eventually after stumping a neurologist I ended up in the chiropractor’s office. He felt my axis (C2) and my Atlas (C1) and determined that with one twisted to the right and the other the left my optical nerve and spinal cord were pinched. A few sessions later I could see again.

Since then, I’ve had mental breakdowns because of management and I’ll just leave it at that. With the support of my counselor, doctors and family not to mention a few friends and co-workers I quit that job. I’d hit my couldn’t take it anymore point. Thus I’ve been job hunting since December while attempting to heal mental health wise and maintain my eye sight since tense muscles pull those vertebrae out of alignment.

Yes, my neck and shoulders are tense again. My first line of self care and defense is a hot shower, then my cuddly neck giraffe Spot or my cute dog named Hot Dog (I got caught by my former manager, who was at the time a senior manager, in the hall after warming up the dog and asked what his name was… Hot Dog was the first thing I thought of!) Both help but so will reducing the anxiety of hunting for a job. I really need to contemplate how to stomp out this anxiety as I think it is hurting my interviews. With no job comes no medical or mental health support so I can’t get my neck adjusted or get to a counselor to take care of the anxiety either. I’ve fought through this combo a couple times this year and know that “this too shall pass” but while in the middle of “it” I can say it sucks.

I think that writing about it could be helpful and thus I am going to revive this blog at least a little bit. This is a more personal space for writing and if sudden vision loss has happened to someone else and they find this and the suggestion of a chiropractor for adjustments helps them too then I’m happy!

Note that MY chiropractor happens to also have a full MD as part of his credentials and has been helping people for 30+ years! I will be very sad the day he closes shop, unless it’s his son who takes over for his practice! Not all chiropractors are equal. I will say that getting referrals from trusted friends goes a long way to finding the right one!

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