Letting go

I seem to have a perfectionist streak resulting in a task paralysis. If I look at my list of posts that have odd categories and no tags or the wrong tags I’ll get distracted from what I really want to do, write and add to the sites so I am making myself a promise to NOT look back but just improve what I do in the near future.

I need to quit worrying about the future too. I currently have a herniated disc in my neck and have been in pain or home for 4 weeks. I’m finally seeing progress in healing as we have eliminated the possibility of carpal tunnel in my right hand, narrowing down the issues to purely cervical disc issues. It will heal and get better with time or I’ll end up with surgery which honestly might (maybe no guarantee) be better/cheaper in the long run. I don’t relish the thought of constantly going to the doctor for adjustments or having to go through surgery either but something will have to give and it’ll happen before I’m 40 for sure.

As a result of the disc I’m looking for a job closer to home as one of the many things I think sets this off is the long ride, on hard seats, on a bus with no shocks, over crappy roads for 2 hours a day. Frankly I’m tired of a 2 hour drive and 11 hour days away from home and I’m in need of a job that will keep me on my toes learning once more. We’ll see what’s going to happen with that one. I’ve had a couple critiques of my resume (good content, bad format) and website (WOOO HOOO make the resume actually match the site!). So I’ve made those changes that were needed in the last week. Lucky me I’ve also had time to watch 1.5 seasons of Game of Thrones and a full season of The Musketeers. My focus now is adding to my sites which in turn will feed to my FaceBook and Twitter feeds.

More because this is my freestyle site than anything I’m bouncing around a bit. I’m contemplating starting up with the dolls again but I’m also wondering if I need to redo the theme on the site too? I like the colors but am not overly fond of the slider layout and am thinking it might be good for me to change things up on that site as it used to be my “hobby money” and I could really use that tiny income stream once more. Then again I think I should focus on my freelancer site or my general products site or even the coffee site once more too…. so many sites and so little time. OK I’m going to just go play!

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