Just a LOT going on for me

It happens all the time. I have a lot going on. Doesn’t matter what I really want I always have a lot going. This time it started in November last year and hasn’t seemed to let up. My neck went out… well pinched nerves but chiropractor fixed that. Then the clutch on the Mustang went out….I now have a performance clutch I LOVE. Then dental issues. Then a week long cold.

At work, in between it all, was the end of a run with a long term and very wonderful set of volunteers. Now it’s training a new one but shes focused on archiving data entry. Add to it not just one person in the unit leaving but 3 at work. Two are retiring or have retired the third person was my supervisor and is now on a new project. Then we have one person out on medical leave but we got a volunteer to help out for a bit that can handle some of the workload. This left gaping holes in the unit that everyone had to try to fill. Now one position has already had interviews (I’m not qualified  for that one) and this coming week is another round of interviews for position 2 (which I AM qualified and AM interviewing for. The stressor this coming week though is the dentist, followed by a very long concert backed on Tuesday with another concert and then add in a long work week and then the interview.
Internal interviews are not easy especially if the interviewer is your boss and has the giggles! Last year yes, that happened. I’m not sure how this year will go. I’ve only worked with my boss less than a year and only had to do one interview with her and I was on the interviewer side of the table not the interviewee!

Stressed? Yeah I think I am. It’s been a long 6 months already and I’m ready for change….especially weather! (It snowed on May 4th!! YUCK!) Everything will work out in the end and eventually I’ll get back to doing more writing or sewing & crafting or creative work on the websites or I’ll stick to playing MineCraft and Torchlight II!!

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