By jove I think I’ve got it….

I have had far too many things to do and to think on these last several months. I think however, that I have finally settled a few things.

  1. I do not like “subject based” content writing but prefer this style of on the fly creative writing. I compare the content writing to doing production sewing which I detest. OK so what do I do about all the sites and content writing that needs to get done. I am going to have to hire it out to someone who LIKES it! Problem solved!
  2. SO the question then becomes what do I want to do? I want to take a long vacation on the beach somewhere nice and warm and not worry about bills or responsibilities but I know that won’t happen right away sooooo…..
  3. I want to maintain websites like this. I enjoy configuring them, updates, ensuring they run smoothly and finding ways to optimize them as well as adding pre-written content to them and making sure it makes it to social media. I love to format and add posts, just not write them myself.
  4. Now what? Well, I am now focused on sharpening my website development and programming skills. I have loved code since I was a kid but back then I also loved sewing and was encouraged to do it more. Time to professionally switch to what I should have been doing these last 20 years, writing code.

If you know of someone who needs a website I’m up for the task! I can do WordPress easily, and have recently decided to dig into Drupal as far as a CMS goes. Other than that I can also do scratch sites as I now get the connections between programming languages and databases….FUN stuff!

I’d really like to get really good at this just so I can escape the rat race day job and stop falling asleep waiting for databases to load pages! I know my goal is and has been for a couple years now, to get out of the day job and do something I LOVE. I LOVE CODE. I’ve been taking Udemy classes and YouTube classes but I need places to apply the skills, my own sites only go so far…..well unless I choose to do a WAMP or even a LAMP local server which I could technically do at home…..

How do I do it?

  1. Keep taking classes when I’m bored at work as I do the boring tasks like file conversion or archives
  2. Make at least an hour each weekend time for practice
  3. Advertise and post that I am looking for people to work with and projects to do. Show off the results of practice sessions in posts on my business site Alaska Office Specialists, add other samples and achievements to my Portfolio.

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