If I could, I would…..

I’d make money from inventions…and maybe I will! OR I’d write more… OR I’d sew more…..OR I’d really spend the time and effort to get ALL the business ideas I have off the ground and get away from having a day job!….Gee can I just do all of the above?

OK, so I actually submitted an idea for an invention that has been knocking around my head for two years to a site that takes ideas to market and gives the inventor royalties so that IF could truly be a reality. The even more amusing thing is that the submission is good for 30 days….today is November 25….in one month it’s Christmas….I wonder if I’ll get a really BIG Christmas present by having the idea chosen….who knows I’m optimistic tho! <shameless plug here…..go vote for the idea and comment on it!> 🙂

Since that submission, I’m now writing more… is it the end of the year must feel like I accomplished something writing I’m doing? Yeah, I’m writing because it was this years New Year Goal which thanks to Cricket’s Blogging Challenges and now Mini Challenges I’m slowly getting into the further habit of writing more. Besides, I have no excuses not to really, I have a Sewing Table for Small Spaces that will store my supplies, machines and be at the right height to sew and cut… I just hope it doesn’t take as long as the bathroom has to complete! (Nope, bathroom is still not done either!)

Time and effort to get the businesses running… now this one really requires me to think, task list, plan and most importantly DO something for each site. I have my Cafe Press items going up on not only the store but each of the blogs I’m creating things for. I have the Amazon items slowly going into their A-Stores and on to the blogs they belong with and most importantly I’m starting to post everywhere I can think of about each one using social media as much as possible. I just need to do it more frequently! I guess this is the big one as it has the potential to bring in the money the family needs for things we need and want to do.

I guess I’m just a busy person with a lot going on….this is all short term stuff…. I also have longer term ideas but right now I’m focused on the Baby Steps!