I need a cheering section

Life is a challenging journey and earlier this week I re-started down a path I’d left 6 years ago to begin a new life, no thanks to life getting in the way of the dream. The dream has stayed with me and had some expansion of ideas since pausing it thanks to life experiences.
I have embarked on the journey to create a network of sites starting with my beloved doll patterns and adding my other favorite sites including my children’s sites. Just this week I have learned how to setup MultiSite on WordPress and have added 2 of my other blogs-that-used-to-be-subdomains-but-are-now-subdirectories to the fledgeling network.
I guess after all that I’m just asking for a cheering section to hold me accountable for moving and setting up sites one at a time in the next month so that I can move into a new phase of life and get back to the lower stress levels I had while playing with websites, sewing, and dolls in between house, kids, work, and the rest of my life! Poke me, push me and ask me how it’s going or I may not manage to finish what I’m doing. It’s a goal, a long term one and I’m looking forward to the journey for the rest of my life!

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