How to fix the sink….

I walked into the local Spenard Builders Supply on the way home the other night and attempted to explain the problem we were having with the kitchen sink…. still. Without actually seeing the sink and going on my poor description the guy there tried to help and sent me home with a couple parts and the caution to keep the receipt in case it wasn’t the right thing. Well, we tried to fix the sink.. nope not the right parts… with the sink in pieces I took photos grabbed the parts and headed back with the original parts and said receipts to ask questions. Yup, he was right those were the wrong items… no problem you need this one little part. So a exchange and refund later the sink is working again…. when in doubt take photos of the issue, drag the camera with you along with the stray part that isn’t doing the job and VOILA! usually your local hardware guys can help!

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