How on earth do I ever find the energy to keep going?

I wish I knew! Back to cutting out more projects and then on to pin reclamation time….pinned everything down time to take all the pins out and prep stuff for stitching!
I wish I had this much energy for the business stuff but my fun sewing won’t pay bills  so it can’t be my income.. I *hate* to sew if it’s driven by money or repetition. Been there done that! The question is what can I do that I love doing that will pay the bills too!

I like to write but I’m a moody writer, sewing but only if it’s what I want to sew, pattern drafting but that doesn’t bring in enough as it has to be my ideas just like sewing, gardening is another but the weather doesn’t cooperate enough to do that year round. I guess I get to keep doing what I do for a day job… geeky clerk who is occasionally bored, feels appreciated but under utilizes her skills and is not going anywhere as if stuck on a stationary bike!

Suggestions anyone?

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