I really don’t know if this is a long or short term as I sit writing right now but I have multiple things going on and this seems like a good way to document the things I have to do and then when they get done.

Bathroom redo- I’ve gone in and gotten guesstimates for costs.. it might not be as bad as we initially thought to do the bathroom again including a top to bottom painting of it. I still need to find out about the “mold bomb” which is similar to a bug bomb but instead it’s supposed to kill mold.

Garden modifications- I’m in the process of growing a TON of veggies from seeds and they are doing well so far which means I needed more space to plant. Justice took my dinky 18″ wide garden and made it a full yard wide. We still have more supersoil to buy and lay down in prep for actually transplanting and moving the seedlings outdoors.

Clothesline- after the garden is mostly done I’ll be able to climb up and setup the pulleys for the clothesline in hopes of reducing the energy needed to dry clothes… we get a TON of sunshine why not use it!

Roof- this is a big unknown for now… we’re missing shingles in several places no thanks to the nasty wind storms of the winter. We need to talk with the insurance company and a roofing company to see if it’s an insurance claim or an out of pocket expense.

Cars- I need to find junk rims for the Mustang to put the winter tires on and switch back over to the summer tires. The poor car needs a bath badly and so perhaps the hose needs to come out and a water fight needs to happen. Beyond that I need to pump up the tire for the Grand Am and see what we can do to keep it going a bit more. It’s nice to know there’s another car around for short hops if needed.

Garage seals, window seals and other winterizing stuff. I’m looking to get a jump on prepping for next winter now that I know where the air leaks really are…. I have the stuff I just need to get outside and do things.

Businesses – I need to write more here and on other sites I have, learn to use the tablet that is coming soon and generally chatter more about the various things I do or like. I’m also looking at participating in a blog challenge and anyone who’s reading this remind me… nay NAG me tonight to add the proper banner to this post!

Work – heh where I am currently… I have applications to screen, documents to format and more meetings than I normally do going on for now…. the Feds are coming in a month for a visit and everyone is in a tizzy!

Back to work for me!