Goals, Goals and more Goals plus some plans….

There is just a lot going on right now and yet nothing at all. Confused? At the start of the month I was put on FMLA for a disc issue and it has been a roller coaster all month. Daily and then 3x a week chiropractor appointments and now facing a lack of leave, MRI (can you say expensive) and surgery (*gulp more expensive*). The stress and worry about keeping my normal balls rolling plus adding some more things up in the air really has me worried, stressed and that leads to hurting. A vicious cycle.

I was told in my late 20’s I was “too young to have disc issues” when this originally started so I let go and lived with the off and on pain spikes that would take me down for a day or a weekend. I thought nothing much of it until a couple winters ago when a pain spike took me out for a week and caused a month of chiropractor appointments which controlled the problem for a long time. So I skipped a year of going in trying to save money for other things as I’m generally healthy and rarely since 2008 have had to go in for illness or even injury (2009 for workers comp).

Then it flared in May and I babied my shoulder and did the usual home care stuff but that just didn’t cut it by the end of the month and after a shortened day and a very painful ride home early I went back to see the doctor.

It was worse crooked neck, bone spurs and smushed discs. We’ve corrected a few of those issues….mostly, sorta but my stubborn neck will not decompress enough to give me back my right hand thumb tip and to top that off simple things like picking up a dropped pen set off the pain in my arm. Heck something as dumb as walking around the back yard with my hands in my pocket set it off. So now the next leg of my quest for health and fitness starts with an MRI to really take a good look at what is happening.

But really back to the goals and plans. While the goal is to get my neck back to semi-normal the plan is to find a job closer to home to get rid of the commute on the rough roads for an hour each way. I have to change something and a short hop to Wasilla set me off the other day imagine the longer daily commute to Anchorage on a shock-less bus or even in a co-worker’s car.

What have I done lately? I have my resume redone, profiles for various sites redone, portfolio site redone and a number of application balls in the air to go with the health care ones.

Stop worrying you say, relax you say….I can’t I have to ensure I have an income but yeah I do relax….almost 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, all of Musketeers, wander the garden, read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, write for my sites, mess around on FaceBook and play Minecraft by the hour with the family.

I guess this counts as write for my sites and honestly I feel a bit better for getting this all out of my system. I can focus and take on the next round of challenges as my insurance isn’t as bad as I thought. Pretty painless in fact at least for the rest of this month since changes are coming and the rules are changing next month! OY!

Work obviously misses me but not enough to let me telecommute and so my remaining co-workers are stumbling in the dark as to how I work my “magic” on various things. *shrug* oh well. I’m heartbroken over it. <dripping sarcasm>

OK Time to go play on another of my sites!

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