Goals and kids

I have a unique pair of kids. The elder is a sweet kid with scattered interests while the younger has focused on science and technology. The elder doesn’t set and achieve goals… I think she’d do well to learn the skill but she just won’t do it which as a parent, frustrates me but its her life and all I can do is support and encourage her. The younger however, learned to save for a goal at a young age. He saved for a computer at 7 and recently set his sights on a telescope. He’s 4 allowance weeks away from paying it off via hard work, saving gift money and keeping his eye on his goal. As a reward for his hard work over the last year I revealed that I’d already researched and luckily found a telescope on sale recently. Its been hiding in the garage for a month or so now!

The latest goal is to read the book on setting it up correctly. Justice does not like to read much except non-fiction but when I showed him the article about viewing Saturn and the moons tonight, he ran to get the book and is reading hard on how to setup his new science tool!

Tonight is a rare opportunity to view Saturn, her rings and moons….I can only hope that the weather clears up enough to see it all! I excited to see him reading and so interested in setting & achieving goals, saving money and science!

BTW this is the telescope he is going to be using:
Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Reflector – Telescope – f/4.0 – reflector