Favorite quote….

Robert Frost draws an image in your mind with the poem “The Road Less Traveled” in that life is a series of roads and at each fork there are choices to make. Some roads its easy to make choices and others are a risk or a road less traveled and taking the risk offered can be a life changing event, a marriage, birth, house, job change, moving or even investing in something including yourself. Each thing has costs and benefits.

The visual painted by “Two roads diverge in a wood and I, I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference” was given a full picture in my mind with Disney’s version of Beauty and the Beast and the character Maurice stopping at the crossroads with one direction being bright and cheerfully sunny and the other fork being dark and forbidding.  Maurice chose his direction and it had consequences for not only himself but his daughter who came to his rescue later on.

The point is that character chose the road obviously less traveled and it made a difference in his life eventually for the better. All points in life have choices almost every minute of each day!

My future has a lot of unknowns coming up ancient hope that each choice made whether the bright sunny path or the dark less traveled road makes a positive impact on my life and that of the ones I love around me.