Diving the ‘Stang

So in I got my mustang and learned to drive a manual front wheel drive car on ice and snow in the dead of winter. Starting in second gear to overcome ice and snow and compensate for my lack of skills. Now its the middle of spring and starting in second is a bad idea…only I didn’t get it until I went out for a drive with first my sweetie who chewed on me for it and explained what I was doing wrong. later on I took another drive with a friend in his car an got some serious pointers on other things like starting on a hill pointed up! Since then I’ve been working hard at practicing the new skills and its amazing how much easier it is to drive now!

I’ve als learned how to go up steep hills all the way into Hatcher’s Pass.

Unknown to me I also had not tapped the potential of a Mustang always shifting when the RPMs were low….OMFG let the RPMs get a bit higher and ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! that car is GONE! It’s a tad scary but DAMN it’s fun!

Anyone else got pointers for driving a 5 on the floor mustang? I’d sure love to hear them!