Day 2 list

Day 2’s accomplishments include the short (haha) list I’d written out Friday afternoon for supply orders, mail outs, e-mailing paperwork back to people, updating databases and my main job screenings. Everything except the screenings is done completely and the screenings have a nice dent in the pile… not that there were that many.

The one big item for the day is sideline assisting with getting the dead multifunction replaced and I listened in on the Xerox sales guys pitching to our Admin who has purchasing power… the favorite line

“But, you haven’t tried a Xerox yet!”… keep in mind my dad fixed Gestner copiers for years so Xerox isn’t my first choice but I had to laugh at the obvious sales line. It was a classic! It does sound like it’ll only be a week or two more before the dead one is gone and replaced with something functional… how long it stays that way is a wait n’ see thing!

I may have more things I accomplish tonight once I get home but for now it’s been a full day of working.