Clear Goals

I really need clear goals. I just finished an interview that was the first of it’s kind. One for an IT position. I have the customer service skills and software skills but I do not have the server skills or Active Directory or anything along those lines.

I think I know what my next goals need to be in order to progress my career path in the direction I want to go in, IT skills. Not just applications or a little programming but servers and networks and even hardware. I need to memorize more acronyms and the basic steps in troubleshooting something and how to do things that I currently do not know how to do.

I need hands on practice instead of just reading or watching videos. I need more videos and more certifications but not sure about classes and college degrees.

So my next steps appear to be:

  • A+ class and then certification
  • Net+
  • Active Directory class
  • Programming Languages
  • Basics of Tech Support processes

I know for a fact that this interview felt right as in I’m going in the right direction but I’m not ready for jumping in yet….well maybe…..we will see what the rest of the week holds for me.

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