More Garden

I have a bad cervical neck problem going on this summer which is limiting my activity to literally NOTHING. It SUCKS. I want to garden and had started my garden and then my neck got bad FAST.

Well even without my attention it is thriving nicely ¬†with everything from strawberries to tomatoes to catnip and oregano! I even have carrots and potatoes this year. Potatoes were very successful last year as were peas and strawberries and so I have a TON of those. This is the first year I’ve ever done tomatoes and while I tried carrots a couple years ago they were tiny mutants.

This time I went with pots for everything except a small plot of peas and what was already in the ground like the strawberries, raspberries, cherry tree, wild mint, rhubarb and currant bush. I took photos on the 4th of July and on the 5th thanks to a neighbor’s garage sale I got more pots to transplant my over crowded garden into.

So here are yesterday’s photos and I’ll take more when I finish all the transplanting work…. with Justice’s help of course! I certainly can’t lift pots of dirt or big bags of supersoil!