Am I on a merry go round?

I’m feeling like I’m on a merry go round right now….my supervisor moves to a better job, a co-worker retires then another. Add in new regulations, conditions of participation and a new application for the main service set we certify and you get a feeling of going in circles waiting for the dust to settle. Out of 4 open positions so far at least 1 has been fully hired for and announced. I’m waiting, albeit a little impatiently for the next announcement but in the meantime being supportive to another co-worker who is looking to move into the 3rd open slot which would open up her job too. Egads!

I interviewed a week ago….still waiting to hear back dang it! I have to admit that my co-workers and boss are all acting a little funny ensuring I learn all the tid bits they think of but then again that could be because of the next impending retirement at the end of the month too. I’ve had added work and subtracted duties and procedures to write…. really not clerical level stuff and I’m really really happy about it honestly!

I just want the wait over! I want the sun to come out again. I do NOT want it to snow this weekend either! 😛 Most of all I want the transition of people done with so we can move on to more important things!