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So I’ve had the event on my calendar daily as make a list of steps for independence to commuting. Well what does that look like? My first guess is a list of resume sites and related tasks to update each one with matching resumes and related goals of technical writer, document manager, user technical support specialist, and other similar titles. Another is an increase in the size of my network and not being shy about reaching out to offer help to others as someday it will come back around and someone will offer help to me.

The next might have website modification or addition ideas such as products to create or design. Yet another list should have places to market the products and a list of blog topics.

Just from all that I can see I have completed several things in the resume area but need to do more on the network area. I have done several things for the website list but need to do more in the product creation and writing areas.

I guess I have been making the list it is not a single simple list but a larger set of lists that have inter related tasks that I am completing to reach the goal of independence from commuting. So the task is not a task it is a goal and it is on my calendar daily!

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