An update

There’s lots to update since it has been a long while since I last did any writing about my goals. I’ve had not one but two surgeries and gone through the long painful recovery process. I’m still at the State but I am consciously making a decision as of NOW to begin once more my search for another job at least until the position I’ve been volunteering in actually turns into a paid job which I’m fairly sure it will but when that will happen I have no idea and I need to do something to improve my health in the meantime which has been an issue with the current job. Next week is 8 years and it is far far FAR past time to leave for other pastures. The goat has climbed a tree and can see which branches will let her get over the fence into the greener pastures…. yes, there’s a story behind that and a lot of goat and sheep jokes and it of all places came out of an interview last summer. But I’ll have to tell it another time.

This update is about more recent weeks fighting frustration, depression, stress which all led to full out burnout which I am still fighting. More and more work and no resources to do it faster or smarter coupled with a toxic workplace. Counseling is the best thing I could possibly do right now. It is a reason to get out of the office early on the one day a week I drive to town. Driving in is because of the volunteer thing I do and it has become the best thing I COULD do for me. I get time alone to listen to music a very eclectic collection of playlists ranging from Elvis to parodies of pop songs to old school country like Johnny Cash to monologs. I also switch things up and listen to audio books and that is also eclectic from the stories of Dritzzt in Baulder’s Gate to Honor Harrington and even podcasts on meditation and mindfulness. It all depends on my mood when I get in the car.

Anyway I’m rambling but I guess that is what this post is for. I journal but I won’t share any of that until it becomes more positive themed. Right now it is where my anxiety and fears are kept whereas this will be my positive area or at least that is the goal. I hope to start doing writing for this site more often at least! I may expand to other areas as well and perhaps revive the things that I love in my life in hopes of reducing the stress in other areas! On to other things now!

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