So the contacts will remain unnamed but I have to say there is a never ending stream of amusement on LinkedIn. Some people go for the throat in the form of a pitch without relationship building.

I’m trusting but not that trusting on the internet. I’ve been on the internet since before there were images… OK that does date me a bit but I was on during the net’s infancy. I’m very aware of scams and what job agencies require.

In the US we do not pay to get a job, that is considered a scam. We do not call people “sweetie” or “dear” or “darling”. There are literally only a handful of former colleagues and of course my own sweetie that I’ll allow to use that term.

I can literally count the number of sentences until a pitch will happen. They all start with hi and ask about my marital status, location and if I use Whatsapp. Sadly, I can also tell because of either a lack of capitalization or poor grammar and spelling. I tend to forgive typos and spelling but there is no excuse other than laziness for using “u” instead of the word “you” when you are chatting on a professional networking platform.

Homeless Cthulhu Cosplay of my son

There are also things called respect and when someone says “no” or “no thank you” politely you don’t push and argue about the topic. Yes, I had one that pushed me to the break point and I was less than kind in an amusing way. I started a conversation on Cthulhu. Part of the conversation had to do with “puny gods” and the creation of the universe. I spent a good hour laughing.

If you are going to sell something, qualify your contacts to see why they are on the platform. A job, as a business owner or selling something themselves.

OK so yeah, some of this is amusing, especially my kid dressed up as Cthulhu and other parts are just something I needed to get out of my head which is what this site is about… call it a goal to do more writing too.