Am I really shy?

For whatever reason I feel like I’m a bit shy online. I don’t talk about my dolls much anymore. Nor do I talk about the kids or anything going on with any of my sites. If I do it’s not on a regular basis as I really don’t want to feel like I’m SPAMMING people with my businesses. I do love my businesses and I love my family. I wonder what the hang up is?

I’ve made it a goal in the coming days, weeks and months to just get busy and post whatever I need to on whichever site I feel like writing on! I have so many things I’ve wanted to do and I do not seem to get started beyond putting them on an un-ending list. I have no action plans for each one just large goals. I think I need to really look at my lists and start breaking things down more so that I can get the 90+ items per day done.

I’m scattered and stretched in so many directions and finally the stretching has taken it’s toll on me too so I really need to set some very specific goals for myself to get healthier and stronger. I’ve found that vitamins and my SunBox Lamp SAD Light are an important part of my well being especially in the winter when we have about 6 hours of daylight total!

Creating things for my sites in a very specific theme is very enjoyable. One of my favorite subjects is COFFEE! My FaceBook page is full of fun coffee themed pictures but I would really like to get more people to visit the site too!

I have some more random posts and items on my Books, Music & More! site and would like to keep that one updated more. I have some goals for it and a plan but implementing and sticking with the “plan” is a challenge. I am usually gung ho at the start of the year, get too busy come spring, do a little in the summer and fall and start going gun ho again towards the end of  the year… it’s usually when it’s coldest that I curl up in front of a computer and do things I guess!

As for the kids, as I go to events I plan to try to empty the camera of photos and videos. I also want to save for a new camera… my poor camera has been pitching a fit when I go to use it. I adore the poor thing but there are times it resets the date and time or just won’t work for me anymore and then I have to fiddle to get it to take a photo! I will have to figure out which camera and what I’m willing to spend on it and then save. HEH if my son can save for a telescope and a computer I can save for a camera!

Time to change the habit and post as often as possible… with specific goals for each site per month of course! Here’s hoping 2013 brings healing, energy and better habits!

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  1. Just talk to us. Let us decide what we do and don’t want to read. If you don’t share with us, we will never know. A sense of community brings us all together from all over the world.

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