Achieving Dreams & Goals

Several years ago I was doing many things, among them I was just starting out on a new path in life. I built what I called the “Battle Plan”. The Battle Plan is now many things, my road map to success, a workshop and overall my guide to my future which I control. My original was a 10 page Power Point which I handed to a case manager and told him “this is what I want to do and I need help to do it”. This wonderful person had been a case manager for over 25 years and in 25 years he had never had a new client do this to him! So he started flipping through it and based off MY plan created the legal plan he had to do. It is part of my case file to this day if I ever choose to open it again.
I chose what I wanted to do and had the guts to ask others to help me achieve it. It is now 2011 and EVERYTHING I set out to do has been done and it’s time to work on a new one. The original had things like enroll kids in school, get a job, register for college, graduate college, get a better job and buy a house, along with some specifics that I needed for myself at the time.

Now I have come to another yield sign in the road of life and have to determine what I want next. I have some ideas and now I have the supports in place to do them so it’s just a matter of writing it all out once more so that I can achieve my dreams. Among my next goals are get a better car (a Tesla Model Stops my list) but ended up with a 2007 Ford Mustang, replace my income within 1 year and double it within 2 years with businesses (Sue’s Tiny CostumesAlaska Office SpecialistsBooks, Music & MoreCoffee Institute, and more that I have yet to think up or create still!), support my sweetie in educational and employment endeavors (unless he joins me in the business ventures), support my children in their dreams whatever those might be (currently a Massage Therapist for the elder and something to do with maps and earth & space sciences for the younger). We also want to continue to work on investments for retirement (I know I’m young but retirement is one of those things that can come up and bite you if you don’t plan for it!) So, I have ideas of longer term and mid term goals, the trick right now is determining the immediate goals I can achieve day to day to work towards each of the mentioned new items.

In the meantime I will build a new Battle Plan, tweak the settings on each so that they each have the same settings and all link to one another in addition to my FaceBook Fan Pages and my Twitter accounts!