Happy dance mom….several things lately…. I finished not just one but 2 big projects one a medium length one (redesign/rework of the new Certification Application Forms) and a HUGE 3 year long one (the Habilitation Homes Project)!!! Both were work projects and I’ll talk more about them on my work samples portfolio site.
Today, I finally finished with Sera’s Birthday stuff… yeah she got a nice fleece queen size blanket that I made her but we decided it was time for a cell phone and so the hunt started. First one service and then another until I finally settled on one and then it was getting the phone we wanted. I’m not overly happy with my current provider for George & I so I didn’t just want to add her to the current service, nor did I want to have her phone on a contract or have it be super expensive.

I finally settled on an LG840 via TracPhone. Today I found one locally but drat only 1 as I want one too and now that we have one so does George! Within 5 minutes of getting it out of the package I have her phone fully functional and being that it’s a no contract phone it is also paid up through March! The phone came with a couple months of service and some minutes already so I just put it on a simple family plan and for a total of $35 she has a phone with all the modern bells & whistles! I am really liking the phone so far and next up is to get a screen protector and case. My cell phone bill will drop from $70 with NO bells & Whistles for 2 OLD phones to about $25-35 per month for 3 phones with bells & whistles… not too bad! Keep in mind that we don’t use the cell phones for a lot of calls instead preferring to text and so the unlimited text is a great tool as is now the phones will have wifi which will cut costs too! Time will really tell as to how good the service is up here but it can’t really be any worse than what we have!

She will have a little more freedom and we can track where she is a little bit better too. She doesn’t have to worry about finding and borrowing a phone now either! A chunk of the time she’s out her brother is with her and so we can keep tabs on him too!

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