I set out to do 30 things this month….umm well the blogs didn’t end up one of them….it was an insanely busy month with one coworker getting a better job leaving two of us to do what three were doing, files to be converted and others to be screened, equipment not working right and creative work arounds had to be developed. Then there was an air exchange system under construction causing health issues which slowes things down nicely. Finally there was the bosses out of the office for a convention and a coworker on vacation all month. That was all just at work!

For home there was finances wreaking havoc, kids wreaking more havoc, first frost causing garden work in order to save the plants.

Overall it was just plain busy for the month but despite it all several things did get done. Books were partially moved, the lawn was mowed, the car got a bath and Rainx-ed, some design work was put into ideas for Books, Music, & More and The Coffee Institute, and a little marketing and some resulting orders happened for Sue’s Tiny Costumes. Files were screened and converted, letters were mailee and reports generated. Overall it was a busy month and while not everything I wanted to get done was accomplished some good work was done.